Featured Testimonials
"I was so satisfied with my display case that I had Legacies of Honor build one for my Father and Brother as gifts. They were really excited and thankful to see their awards, patches and other memorabilia placed all together in such a quality case."
- Roland P.
"During my email contact with Mike I learned quickly that he is very astute in regards to military awards and decorations. I not only received a quality Shadow Box, I learned a lot through the process."
- Randy D.
"When I contacted Legacies of Honor I had no idea that I had earned additional awards that did not reach me before I was discharged. Mike helped me with official verification of the awards. He also helped me file for and acquire an upgraded DD-215 that included the new awards and corrected some errors on my DD-214. My family is very proud of my display case."
- Rick P.
"I did a lot of research before making a commitment. Legacies of Honor provided a super Shadow Box for a very fair price. I would recommend them to my fellow veterans."
- Steve W.
"Great display case and quality workmanship! I can now pass my military history on down to my children and grandchildren."
- Jose R.
"I served on riverboats in Vietnam with Mike. When he and Connie finished my Shadow Box I was so impressed that I asked them to compose one for my father who served in the U.S. Army during WW II. Dad's case turned out excellent too. Now they hang side by side in a special place in our home."
- Richard S.
"For decades my awards and memorablia were stowed away in a small box in my dresser drawer. Legacies of Honor brought them all together in a beautiful display case complete with an explanation of each award on the backside. The Shadow Box is a wonderful display of my honorable service."
- Marty F.