Custom Shadow Box
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How it works:

You have two options available:

- Select the Medals, Ribbons and Attachments you would like in your Shadow Box.
- Enter Patches, Metal Rank Insignia, and Personal Items.
- Select your Display Case Color.
- Enter your Contact Information and we will provide a price via Email.

- OR -

- Perhaps you would just like a price on a full-sized Ribbon Rack.
- Select your Ribbons and Attachments.
- Enter your contact information and we will provide a price via Email.

That's it! An expert veteran will arrange your items and you will receive an email with a mock up of the Shadow Box or Ribbon Rack and a quote. If you have any additional details you would like us to know about, you can always contact us by email.

Note: you are under NO obligation to purchase this or any other item.