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Gerald L Smith June 16, 2022
MRF 67-68. M-111-1 GMG2 Flamegunner
Dan Betinec May 4, 2022
I had a friend, \"Bergermeister\", don\'t know if it was his real name or not. We served on the USS Ozbourn DD846 1965 to 1967. \"Berger\" went to the Fast River Boats was Killed In Action probably in 1968. Never have found out where he was laid to rest. If anyone has heard of him please let me know.
Thomas Conroy May 1, 2022
Mike I would love to get one of these. I don't have all the medals I was awarded. Are you able to get everything from scratch. Thank you
George Reischling August 23, 2019
\"To those who have fought for it, Lie has a flavor that the protected will never know!\" Thanks for you firepower during the Vietnam war! Courage on the Mountain-
Barry March 27, 2019
Mike I’m looking for a medal ( a small pin actually), my Dad said it was awarded to him by a Marine Commander of the unit he was attached to when they made the first amphibious assault in the Pacific. The island may have been Attu in the Aleutians. He was in the 52 nd CB’s & he commanded a company.
Bob Barker March 3, 2019
USS PERRY DD-844 ('66 - '69) RADIOMAN
Ian McLaren February 24, 2018
I was the Operations Officer of HMS Gloucester which shot down the Silkwork Missile fired at USS Missouri. Keep up the good work.
Sp5 Maggie Wilson July 2, 2017
Served as a Medical Specialist (91B20), Ft Leonard Wood MO, 1966-1969.
Robert M. Bove December 11, 2016
Plank owner USS Constellation & USS Enterprise God Bless America and all our troops
Don Shutters, CDR, USN/LDO (ret) August 28, 2016
Boat Capt. T-111-1 (67/68)
Tom Hall August 24, 2016
Looking for a friend from RivDiv 593: Gerald Reiss
John S Redick March 23, 2016
Served on the USS Fechteler 1964-1967..Not sure what medals I am entitled to
Rich Rottman March 4, 2016
Vietnam 67-69 at cua viet RM 3class
JL Markiewicz February 8, 2016
I read your and responded, then took your advise and I'm looking over your website. Joe
Phil Ferrazano August 15, 2015
Bronze Star V
Stephen Silk June 3, 2015
Served aboard the USS Perry DD-844 during 1956-7. Look forward to a shadow box to house my challenge coins received from many Navy Vets
Donald R Meador April 28, 2015
Served with the Mobile Riverine Forces and9th Inf. DIV.,Mekong DELTA. Seeking information about metals I should have .
Harry L. Greenhill April 5, 2015
I served on thr USS Mars AFS 1....July 1970 to May 1971....What ribbons am I entitled to . How much for a Shadow Box ?
Stephen Sauer March 10, 2015
Mike this is the first time I've looked at your website, great idea and very much appreciated. Patrick Farmer San Miguel painted label, Olongapo City!
Lannes Despain February 1, 2015
Hi; Like your site I was on the USS Henrico APA 45.... 1951 to 1955.... What ribbons am I entitled to? What would three shadow boxes look like and cost?
William Greene June 11, 2014
Found in the Truckee river a coin like medalion a mine sweepers
Larry Ellingson June 7, 2014
I missed a ribbon on my order yesterday - can I still add to it?
Gary Breeden April 22, 2014
Thanks for sharing.
David Poindexter January 28, 2014
Mike received my shadow box last night. It was better than I had expected.You are very good at what you do.Thanks so much.T-92-10 1-67 to 12-67
Thomas l. owens November 8, 2013
looks great from a river rat 69-70 rivron 113 t-8
Roland Gagnon November 4, 2013
Just sent in quote for a my shadow box. Would like to add 2nd class petty officer insignia and patch for the Harnett County LST 821. Involved in operation game warden and operation giant slingshot on the Vam Co Dong river 1968 -1969. No sure that this email will catch up to my order? Thanks looking forward to my quote !,,
Mike johnson ntws/vpa July 13, 2013
looks great Mr.harris
Jerry Campbell May 1, 2013
I served with the 594th & 531st was part of operation Giant slingshot from july 1968 to july 1969,Good site keep up the Grate work
Alan Metz March 23, 2013
I served in the army from1967-1970 doing 1 tour in vietnam aug 68 -aug 69 1st cav 27th maint.found your site mentioned in Wendell Affields book (Muddy Jungle Rivers) Great site!! Wendells book is a must read.
William a.culbertson February 28, 2013
i was with naval support activity da-nang.i ran Lcm and Lcu's.I hauled bomb's and ammo up the da- nang river and ran gun fire support during the seig of ke sahn.this was up and down the perfume river in 1968 during tet.I also ran a mike boat while unloading the thrid marine divison at chu-lai.i was wondering what awards were if any was awwarded during that time.I cant get anything out of the navy.
Robert Reynolds February 5, 2013
Medic with 9th and served aboard the USS Colleton and 3/5 Armor at Wunder Beach in 1968.
John & Rachel Affield January 5, 2013
What wonderful work you do! When John's service with the USAF is complete, we will certainly be ordering one!
Michael{doc}snider December 9, 2012
I was a combat Medic for Aco, 4/47th, 9thdiv. I was one of the original soldiers that started the 9th div
Patrick Cochrane October 30, 2012
Boat Coxswain and Captain of T-112-4 68 and 69. Naval Advisor with Raid 73.
Gayle Doyle October 28, 2012
My deceased Hubby, Richard A Doyle CPO was PBR Cpt. Not sur3 what division. need helpto locate info of when his boat #130/103 got blown up
Pensioned Army Sgt.Thomas Titus October 8, 2012
I am christmas tree. BUT I know not what I am supposed to wear. U. S. Navy vietnamX3 times flattop America/Oriskany + U.S. Army reserve + Kansas National Guard, 1967 through 2009 broken service three years out. Thank You.
Patrick Farmer August 20, 2012
See everybody down in Davy Jones Locker. We\'ll have lots of San Miguel Beer, U.S.Navy stye Pickeled eggs and Bologna Sandwiches. Can\'t wait!!
Frank J. Csapo August 5, 2012
Specialist, Dept. of Army Engineers Death and Casualty reporting courier and 8th Infantry Division Headquarters Company Clerk. Federal Govt. Secret Security Clearance (1970-71). Top Qualifier M-16 Rifle, Grafenwoehr, West Germany 1971. I retired in 1999 after 31 years working for General Motors. My son, Steve, was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia Army Hospital, Dept. of Army Engineers at the time. We're both still alive, doing well, and living in the good, old U.S.A. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Tom schmalz May 10, 2012
served 1969-70 on yfu4
Thure J. Johnson March 3, 2012
Served from 1964 to 1968 then again from 1969 to 1971 on the USS Proteus As-19 and on the USS Floy B. Parks DD-884
Crura February 1, 2012
Judy M. Boucke January 9, 2012
what an inspired concept, and beautiful website!I am definitely interested in having you create one of these beautiful shadow boxes for my son, Alan "Drew" Boucke, as a surprise birthday gift in April of this year. please let me know what information you will need. He was in the Intelligence Corp in Saigon, Vietnam during the Thet Offensive.
Les Haugness December 3, 2011
This a great site, and will help others get what they got coming to them. Alot of us, including my self would like to get all the medals and awards that I have earned. thanks again
John W. Berry December 1, 2011
Great site shipmate!!! Fair pricing and shipping. I wish ya'll the best of luck with your endeavor.
Ssg hood November 30, 2011
like youre merchandice ,vet1966-1994
Frank lohrke November 14, 2011
i do not dwell but sometimes things come back.
Lou Ellingson October 26, 2011
Nice job on this, Mike. Thank you!
Gregory alan gibbs September 24, 2011
l got cuszen his name is rex alan ashily gibbs .his middle name was named after me he is a vet ,l like to honor him by his dogtags by his name to my name 5-10-68 he is marien
Richard Rottman September 4, 2011
Thanks for all the help you have given me Mike.
Lorraine Harris August 29, 2011
Every time I walk by the shadow box you made for Jan, I stop to admire it. It really is a special thing, Bobo.
Robert Stewart August 28, 2011
Hope you do well with your business. I made a mention with a post at my website. Lots of guys could probably use a RVN medal for their "I love me" shadow box....even if it is only to amuse their grand kids.
Carla August 25, 2011
Great work you're doing !
Jim Flores August 22, 2011
Nice site , look forward to ordering from you. SSG HHC 3/60th 9th Infantry Div. Mekong Delta 1968-1969.
Marty Molloy August 22, 2011
Nice looking site. All the best to you.
Marty August 22, 2011
Best of Luck
Paul evans August 22, 2011
great site
Allen Lynd August 22, 2011
Nice site, not sure what medals I am entitled to.I was in the HHC,3/47th Inf. 9th Inf.Div. 7/67-7/68
Jimmy L Henry August 21, 2011
Very good. I was in CALNG Co.G.40th Armor WOJG2. and in the USAF 8TH AF at the start of gthe korean conflict, stationed in Okinawa,Japan and several locstions in the States. Do you make up the wall palques?
Phil Ferrazano August 21, 2011
Like it..good luck.
Kenneth R. McLean August 21, 2011
Keep me on your mailing list.
Andy Conklin August 21, 2011
Nice site, It will be helpfull to get info from a fellow Vet !
W Shipman August 21, 2011
Nice website. Glad to hear you're helping vets get earned, but not received medals. As a DAV Service Officer I do as what I can in that direction, also. A Co, 1/35 Inf 1967 134 ASH 1971
Mark T. Boatwright August 21, 2011
Just stopped by to take a look at your site. It looks great and I will keep it as one of my favorites and check back occasionally!
Robert Taylor August 21, 2011
Mike and Connie, Great work. Thank you for all you do. Staff Sergeant Robert Taylor U. S. Army, Infantry Alpha Company Second Battalion 60th Infantry 9th Infantry Division The Pride of the Mekong Delta Tan Tru, South Vietnam 1969/1970
Michael Cavanaugh August 20, 2011
Very nice well done. A company 3/60 9th Inf 1969
TERRY BALFE August 20, 2011
Eddie Riddle August 19, 2011
So far, so good.I need more info on you as I have been trying to get a Navy Commendation w/V device upgraded to the Bronze Star I was put in for.
Dean August 18, 2011
Haven't looked the whole site over "YET" but will. Looks great so far!!
Thomas H Yost August 18, 2011
ASPB 131-4
Ron Jett August 18, 2011
Very nice Mike. Wish you the greatest success
Mike Connolly August 18, 2011
Nice website! I wish you all success with this venture. I am sure that the riverine folks will seek you out.
Ralph Bakle August 18, 2011
Nice website Mike. Good luck with your endever
Charlie Sharps August 9, 2011
I am not the first to sign but I was the first to have Mike make a shadow box. He did a beautiful job.
Jim Grooms August 5, 2011
Great site Mike , will soon talk to you about a shadow box
Bobby "Tanker" Moore August 4, 2011
Great site Mike. I posted a link on my website. Hope it helps some.
JAMES L. "COWBOY" PATIN August 4, 2011
Keith Elliott August 4, 2011
Very nice website. Thanks for all your help.
Bill Lancaster August 4, 2011
Good Job on the site---
Tom Wright August 4, 2011
Nice Site, Mikey. Ill have to spend some money one of these days.
John Williams May 28, 2011
Great Website...!